UPDATE: Spurgeon’s Calvinism Book Shipment

Final version of cover that the publishers sent to get print!

Final version of cover that the publishers sent to get print!

First of all, I want to give my sincere thanks to everyone who purchased an early copy Spurgeon’s Calvinism to raise some more funds for this film. We’re getting closer to our goal and that’s an exciting thing as we plan to  film this September.

My goal was to have the books sent off this week, however we ran into a hiccup. There was a storm that went through the East Coast early last week that caused the printers to not end up printing all the books (apparently none of them came into work, it was that bad) when they were scheduled to be. We ended up missing two days there which caused the books to only be printed this past Wednesday. They were then shipped to me Thursday and I am expecting to see them early next week. My wife and I are working on all the labels and writing down each address for the book packages so as soon as the books are in my hand, I will be able to sign them and ship them off.

I am very sorry for the delay and any problems this might have caused. If you for some reason don’t think you will receive the book in time, please contact me and we can figure something out.

One last thing. Because I will be shipping the books a few days later than I originally had hoped, I will be pushing the official launch date of the book to the public back the same amount of time.

Once again, I am so thankful for each and every one of you who purchased this book and supported Through the Eyes of Spurgeon. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and read your reviews for Spurgeon’s Calvinism.



  • Jill Stevenson

    Looking forward to this book.