Spurgeon’s Calvinism

Click the cover to see it bigger!

Click the cover to see it bigger!

Thank you to all who purchased an early copy of Spurgeon’s Calvinism. They will begin shipping the first week of March. To everyone else who missed out, you’ll be able to buy the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the like in April.

Friends, I’m very excited to announce the brand new book, Spurgeon’s Calvinism, and give you an opportunity to own one of the first copies of it!

Spurgeon’s Calvinism (Click for table of contents) is a Charles Spurgeon book unlike any other, compiling the Prince of Preacher’s teaching on the doctrines which he called a shorthand for the gospel itself. The book will officially launch in April with a foreword from Conrad Mbewe, but I’m making 200 copies available now for $25. 

With each purchase, you’ll receive a signed edition (signed by the editor that is, not Spurgeon for those emailing me :-) ) of Spurgeon’s Calvinism and you’ll be helping make the upcoming documentary, Through the Eyes of CH Spurgeon!

Quantities are limited, so order now!

Here is what people have to say about Spurgeon’s Calvinism:

“What Stephen McCaskell has done for us in this book is to bring back the forgotten Spurgeon—the Spurgeon who speaks clearly about what the true gospel really is.

Click the cover to see it bigger!

Click the cover to see it bigger!

McCaskell allows Spurgeon to speak for himself by taking us to his sermons and his writings. In this way we are left in no doubt as to what strong doctrines made Spurgeon such a successful pastor and preacher. Spurgeon drank deeply from the wells of the Reformers and Puritans and came away wanting to spread the same Calvinism that he saw in their writings.

May a fresh discovery of Spurgeon’s Calvinism go a long way to raise up yet another generation of Christians who will be valiant for the truth. May we see more and more preachers getting back to preaching the good old truths that thundered through the corridors of time and gave birth to reformation and revival. May the reading of this book enable the pulpits of our day to get back to the great and glorious doctrines of grace—as Spurgeon’s Calvinism is more popularly known today!”

Conrad Mbewe (PhD, University of Pretoria), Pastor, Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia; author, Foundations for the Flock

“We all have hills we’re willing to die on. For Charles Haddon Spurgeon, that hill was Calvinism. God’s sovereign work of salvation wasn’t a preference—it was a matter of life or death. It was the lifeblood of his ministry, and Spurgeon’s Calvinism puts this truth on display for all to see.”

Aaron Armstrong, author, Contend and Awaiting a Savior; blogger at bloggingtheologically.com

“The notion that embracing a high view of God, His word, and His gospel will lead to antinomian carelessness or a loss of evangelistic zeal can only be held disingenuously after acquainting oneself with Spurgeon’s Calvinism.”

Matthew Robinson, producer of Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically – MediaGratiae.org

“When preparing for battle a wise General studies the best intelligence before committing troops. Likewise, when it comes to understanding the theology of how God saves, a wise student of the Bible will take the time to see what C.H. Spurgeon said on the topic.”

Josh Williamson, evangelist, Josh Williamson Ministries – www.JoshWilliamson.org