Rare Manuscript with Personal Note, Initials and More!

In an effort to raise more funds for the documentary I am selling a very rare manuscript that has been heavily amended by Charles Haddon Spurgeon. In the top left corner of the manuscript you’ll see a hand written note that was written to his editor that reads, “Let me have this as soon as possible. C.H.S.”. It’s a rare thing to find a note on a manuscript followed by his initials(This is authentic and original, comes with a Certificate of Authentication from Spurgeon’s College). Also in this package is a parchment (great for framing with the manuscript – NOTE: this is print, not an original) that has a Spurgeon quote (see below) and then a reprint of his Vanity Fair “Men of the Day” photo.

The first person to contribute $1000 or more towards the film will receive this very special package. Go here or click the “Donate” button on the sidebar.