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A unique and never before seen look at the life and ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon

“This child will one day preach the gospel, and he will preach it to great multitudes…”

Did Richard Knill have any idea how God would bring these words to life when he spoke them over a young Charles Haddon Spurgeon?

During his lifetime, Spurgeon did indeed preach to great multitudes. He faithfully made known the great truths of the gospel to millions of men and women in his ministry—and he continues to do so today, more than a century after his death.

Spurgeon has much to teach us through his great successes—and also through the hardships of his life. No stranger to physical illness and crushing depression, Spurgeon’s handling of great suffering has been an encouragement to many. Pastor John Piper once said during a difficult time in his own ministry, “I have turned to Charles Spurgeon in these days, and I have been helped.”

This is the legacy I want to share with you in Through the Eyes of Spurgeon.



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