Where will we be going?


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In order to make this documentary we need $10,000. Kickstarter is an ALL or NOTHING fundraising platform. This means that if we don’t receive our fundraising target, then we won’t be able to make the documentary.

That said, I want to give you a little sneak peak of the Spurgeon locations we will be visiting. This is just a brief list, there is much more. I’ve put in a lot of time gathering phone numbers, people to contact and things to see to make the most of the time in these locations. Enjoy!

Tollesbury, Essex - Charles’ father, John Spurgeon was honorary pastor of the Independent Church in Tollesbury, Essex

Kelvedon, Essex - Birthplace of Spurgeon

Stambourne - A couple years before Spurgeon died he wrote memories of Stambourne, the old meeting house (congregational church today), his parents grave sites and the manse that he stayed at as a little boy with his aunt

Lavenham - One of Spurgeon’s favourite authors, William Gurnall, ministered there and the church is still going today

Hythe Hill, Colchester - Spurgeon’s home growing up

Great Bromley - According to John Spurgeon, the preacher that was preaching at Charles’ conversion came from the 14th century parish church of St George

Artillery Street Chapel - Where Spurgeon was converted

Eld Lane Baptist Church in Colchester - Spurgeon attended this church on the night of his conversion.

Isleham Ferry on the River Lark - Spurgeon’s baptism site

Teversham Cottage - Spurgeon’s first sermon preached

Waterbeach Chapel - Spurgeon’s first pastoral position

Ivatt and Reid - These guys produce plaques. They have the original Spurgeon plaque “in this room, the rev Charles Haddon Spurgeon preached his first sermon…”

St Andrew’s Baptist Church Cambridge - Have Spurgeon memorabilia and William Carey’s chair and footstall

Queen Square, Bloomsbury - Where Spurgeon first stayed when he got to London

New Park Street Chapel - Spurgeon pastored this church in London

Westminster Abbey - First visited by Spurgeon in 1853

The Crystal Palace - Charles and Susannah did most of their courting here. The building no longer stands but their is a park. Spurgeon preached here to 23,654. His text was Micah 6:9.

Paris - They honeymooned here, Susannah acted as guide as she was fluent in French

Westminster Chapel, Buckingham Gate - Spurgeon preached here in 1865

Surrey Gardens - Spurgeon had many services here, just a memorial stands today

Metropolitan Tabernacle - Lots of never before seen things are in the tabernacle. Including Spurgeon’s study bible.

Crystal Place High Level Station - Spurgeon would have been very familiar with this station

Crouch Oak - Open air preached from Matthew 9:36 here. The same place that John Wycliffe, John Knox, John Wesley and Geroge Whitefield have preached.

Spurgeon’s College - The college that Spurgeon founded

Hellensburgh House - Spurgeon’s house in London

Surrey Square Mission - Opened by Spurgeon it still holds a sunday school ran by the tabernacle

Stockwell Orphange - Spurgeon’s orphanage – James Archer Spurgeon (the great nephew of Spurgeon) serves here as a trustee

Beamish Museum - Spurgeon’s colportage box is situated in the Methodist Chapel

Spurgeon’s Library - Midwestern Baptist Theological Sem inary

Geneva - Spurgeon preached in Calvin’s pulpit. He considered this one of the greatest delights of his life.

St Cross Hospital - “The Dole” Addington Park – a favourite spot for Spurgeon

The Parish Church of St Andrew - When Spurgeon went on a countryside tour they went here, The birthplace of augustus toplady

The Inn on the Green, Ockley - Spurgeon wrote most of his best selling book “John Ploughman’s Talk”

Evangelical Library - Lots of Spurgeon books

Agricultural Hall

Menton - Spurgeon vacationed much here, wrote letters from here and died here.

Royal Albert Hall - Prime Minster Ramsay Macdonald chaired the thanksgiving service to commemorate the centenary of Spurgeon and it was overflowing with people

West Norwood Cemetery - Spurgeon’s resting grounds

AND there are a few more!

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