Shipping Spurgeon’s Calvinism 03.19.14

In the last update I posted I told you how I was waiting on the shipment of books. I just looked at the Purolator website, and I can see that the books are now in my area and they will be arriving to me here either today or tomorrow. So that is finally some good news. Unfortunately there is some bad news to accompany that good news, I have to go on a short trip out of the country from Friday till Tuesday. None of this has gone the way I had hoped and I feel terrible. I promise you that the books will be shipped to you by 03.19.14. If you feel like you don’t want the book anymore and want a refund, please send me an email. I want to be fully transparent by telling you the truth of where the books are and when they will be shipped.

We’ll be in touch soon and Lord-willing you’ll see the books arriving by the end of the month!

Grace and peace,